6 Ways to Practice Self Love

DDA12E21-6AD7-48C6-8C19-3F625EFBF108Love is one of the most important things in the world. It’s in our nature to yearn to be loved. Many of us know how to love others. We give love freely, unconditionally and easily to other people but can you say that you award yourself with the same intensity of love as you do for others ? Most of us have heard the term self-love but have no idea how to even practice it. Below are 6 ways that you can begin to practice self love today.

1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Entirely. As millennials as soon as we scroll down our timelines, we’re bombarded with “goals”, societal beauty standards, and a ton of self hate messages that could potentially seep into our consciousness and alter how we perceive our value. Make a decision to ban comparison. We are all different. You are your own unique and magical being. No one is you and that is your power. Understand that you are irreplaceable and what you contribute to this world cannot be duplicated. Thrive in your own lane.
2. Keep positive, supportive, and loving people around you. You are the CEO of your life and you have the power to create a circle of success that adores you. You have the power to evaluate , promote and demote the people in your life at any given time. Your relationships and friendships should consist of people that bring you peace, inspire you, are nonjudgmental, and allow you to grow.
3. Stop criticizing yourself. I once was a person that consistently criticized myself and it truly made me feel miserable. Something I noticed was that my success was directly correlated with my thoughts. As the nature of my thoughts improved, so did my level of success. Unsubscribe from negative thoughts about yourself today. Let go of negative things that people have said. They weren’t true anyway. Refuse to put your self worth and confidence in someone else’s hands. Build yourself up and decide to wholeheartedly love the person that you are today. Not when you lose weight, not when you get that Benz, or wedding ring, love yourself today. Fill your mind with positive thoughts about yourself as much as you can. Even if you don’t believe it right away your subconscious mind will do whatever you tell it ! Speak life, love, and kindness into yourself and I promise a sense of peace will follow.
4. Take mental breaks when you need to. I know it’s all about black girl magic, #teamnosleep and I don’t get tired. Well guess what, overworking yourself can lead to stress, exhaustion, breakdowns and it’s detrimental to your overall health. Don’t be afraid or feel bad when you need to hit the pause button in life and refuel yourself after working strenuous hours, completing a project, mourning the loss of a loved one, or in between work loads. You’ll come back stronger than ever when you do.
5. Exercise. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise stimulates various brain chemicals that improve your mood, relieve stress, and increases productivity. Even if you start with just two days out of the week, for 30 minutes a day, incorporate physical activity into your schedule. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.
6. Forgive. Forgiveness is for you. When you’ve been hurt someone takes a piece of you, when you forgive you get that piece back. In order to move forward and live a life of peace, practice forgiveness of yourself and others. You can’t be all that you were called to be if you’re harboring hate in your heart. Let go of the shoulda, woulda, coulda. Send the people that hurt you a thank you letter for contributing to your growth and making room for the right people to enter your life and treat you 1000 times better than what you experienced.

Self love shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury but as a requirement. It’s a process but if you commit to the process, the journey will be beautiful and magical. You are the greatest project that you will ever work on. You are deserving of the most pure authentic love. Start with gifting yourself the love you would like to receive. I love you! Thanks for reading !

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