How to Furnish An Apartment or Home with Little to No Money


Moving and new beginnings can be so exciting yet so costly. When I moved in my very first apartment, I had no money saved outside of the first month’s rent and the security deposit. I took a really big step out on faith. Lol  (I recommend saving 6 months of rent prior to moving but a bare minimum of 2) for emergency funds. However if you find yourself moving with no money saved as I did and you need tips on furnishing your place on a budget this is for you!

Tip #1. See if anyone you know has items to donate. Start letting people know that you’re moving then find out if they have anything that they aren’t using that they’d be willing to donate to you. Anything from furniture to decor items to dishes. Always be willing to see if the people around you have something to contribute before going out shopping.

Tip #2 Set a budget for how much money you can afford to spend on items. Assess your finances and see how much money you can set aside each paycheck or each month. I suggest not using credit cards to purchase anything especially non essentials. Let a credit card be the last resort. The last thing you want to do is have to think about credit card debt along with your monthly bills and drive down your credit score because of it. So set an amount that you will use per month for home decor and use this.

Tip #3. Do one room at a time. There’s no rule that says your whole home has to be completely furnished when you first move in. Avoid debt, interest fees and stress and only take on as much as your pockets can. People would come over my house and say wow this place gets prettier every time I come by and I would just think like yes, sis because I’m on a budget and I’m not splurging for anyone. It’s also beautiful to see how everything finally comes together piece by piece and I truly appreciated my hard work and discipline much more.
Tip #4 Have an apartment or house warming. They’re a great way to welcome people to your new place and a great way to get the things you need. There are some people out there that look down on apartment warming’s & it baffles me. Apartments need love too. Go out and make a registry and host an apartment or house warming. You’ll save a ton.
Tip #5 Shop at stores that have nice items for low prices. Places like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, At Home, thrift stores, and IKEA have quality items for cheap that are worth looking into. Also shop at garage sales. There are so many DIY protects out there that aren’t only super cost efficient but are so much fun !

Tip #6 Research furniture stores that offer payment plans. When I got my first apartment, Art Van had a promotional going on that gave you the option to pay your items off in 90 days with no interest and that was a complete life saver ! No credit card involved.

So that concludes my list of tips on furnishing on a budget ! Getting a new place can be costly but it is such a rewarding experience. Choose creativity over debt. The last thing you want to do is drive your credit score through the ground for some home decor. Get creative. Good luck ! It will be beautiful. I love you. Thanks for reading!


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